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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday cards suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest

Happy Wedding

Send your warmest wishes with Happy Wedding cards

Birth and Baptism

Our greeting cards for the little ones are made to create memories

Communion and Confirmation

Religious cards, from the most classic to the most modern ones

Merry Christmas

Your sincere wishes will become really special with us

Attention to detail

Each of our cards is the result of careful research. We select special papers, we develop particular and precious finishings, we carefully select drawing techniques and subjects to keep up with current trends.

We love colors

Our cards are vivid, bright and colorful. We want to create unique emotions and sensations. A cocktail of happiness, nostalgia, joy, love and much more which, accompanying your gift, will leave the recipient speechless.

Cherish the memories

We want our cards to transform into memories, sensations and emotions. We keep the dedications over the years to be remembered in the hearts of those who read.

Cecami was born in the early twentieth century, from an idea of Cesare Capello. It was one of the first publishing companies in Italy to print photo postcards.

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